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Why shop at Jewel Pine?

Jewel Pine provides the best possible services to all its clients globally with 100% satisfaction along with the best wholesale prices. We carry with us all the exquisite gemstone products in a variety of shapes, forms, cuts, colors with a ready stock for prompt shipment. We believe in best quality and make no compromises whatsoever....

We pride ourselves for some qualities for which we have been praised by our wonderful and ever grateful buyers over the years.

• 100% Quality satisfaction: Our main motto is customer satisfaction through 100% genuine and quality products always. If it isn’t good for us we will not ship it out no matter the loss we incur. If we have to send goods worth more as a replacement we never shy but no bad or lower quality goods leave our premises.

• Best Wholesale prices. This is the one thing that is assured by us all time and again. We say compare and decide not just on the basis of prices but quality, type and cut of the product and then you will get the best price for any product. If our price is high so is the quality. We say before we ask.

• No Quality Compromise. We believe in long term customers and to make that we have the main ingredient which is Quality. We never make any compromises in quality. Come what may our buyers will get the best quality from us.

• Latest shapes and cuts available. Change is the only constant process to push you further. To change is to create new things everyday. Hence we keep creating new products and get you the latest of all the products and designs to keep up with the ever growing demands of our global designers.

• Full Ready Stock. Time wasted is accounted for as money wasted. We try and keep ready stock for all products to allow us to ship out all orders in a timely fashion. As order received on time will get us repeat orders coming in regularly.

• Prompt Customer Services. You have doubts; we try our best to ease them out with the help of our cheery and ever attentive customer care supporters. We try to answer all queries before hand through our FAQ’s. If your queries are not answered in our FAQ’s then we answer them promptly as soon as we hear from you (during our office hours).

• Individual Customer relations. Every single buyer no matter their order is of US$100 or for US$1000 is important to us equally. We give all our buyers individual personal attention. Each buyer gets the personal attention of our customer relations executives always and no buyer ever gets to deal with 2 executives for their queries or orders.

We are here to serve you. You are the most essential part of this business because without you there would not be one.