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The one thing that you can be relaxed about ordering from Jewelpine is the quality. If you inquire any buyer about our product quality, you will get the identical answer from learner to skilled designers and buyers alike: Outstanding! Jewel Pine, has tremendously strict quality control standards that include personal selection of items at a number of checkpoints in our production house. If any item doesn't meet up our standards, we don't ship it. This means that the buyer doesn't have to worry about whether or not the goods delivered will be of low-grade quality.

While other online companies, like ours, may have very bendable return policies, the customer’s time is tremendously precious and shouldn't be wasted trying to find "QUALITY GOODS." At Jewel Pine, it's always the best!

Just because we cart lesser items than some of our much bigger competitors doesn't imply that we don't have everything to fulfill all your requirements. We carry the top quality products, such as Gemstone beads, Druzy, Gemstone Beaded Chains, Gemstone cabochons and have a vast array of designer-grade jewelry-making supplies manufactured and exported all over the world.

The distinguished assortment that we bring for you on our website is all exclusively chosen and selected by our qualified team of designers and consumers, but is also prejudiced by ideas from our design-savvy buyers and other sources that are always on top of the latest trends.