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Jewelpine wishes to offer each buyer a special treat. We believe in one for all and all for one. With this in mind we bring discount offers for all our buyers, be it a small buyer working from home or a big enterprise ordering bulk goods. We have an offer for everyone. Please find below the discounts we offer on each purchase made by you.

Cumulative Purchase Discount Use Coupon Code
US $250 - US $500 5% 250PLUS
US $501-US $1000 7% 500PLUS
US $1001-US $2000 10% 1000PLUS
US $2001-US $5000 15% 2000PLUS
US $5000 + 20% 5000PLUS

Once your order is in your cart and you are ready to make the payment just write the code for the discount you apply for and it will be applied to your total and you will be asked to make the payment.

Repeat Customer Discount
We not only offer discounts on the order amount but we also offer you price discounts. You will find that each category of products has two price slabs.


As you can see above, if you order 5 strands of Blue Topaz Micro Faceted Briolette Hear Beads you pay:

Blue Topaz Micro Faceted Briolette Hear Beads: US$95 x 5 str. = US$475

But if you ordered 10 strands of Blue Topaz Micro Faceted Briolette Hear Beads you pay:

Blue Topaz Micro Faceted Briolette Hear Beads: US$85 x 10 str. = US$850

Thus by ordering more you save US$100.


Therefore the more you order the less you pay per product. There are no HIDDEN COSTS at all and this quantity discount is available in all our product categories. The more you buy the less you pay.


Festival/Seasonal Discounts

Besides our above offer which you can avail throughout the year we also will bring you festival and seasonal discounts like Valentine Day Discounts, Mothers Day discounts Christmas Discounts which will be updated from time to time. So please check back to keep updated with our offers and make the most of them. If you are registered for our offer updates services then you will be posted of all upcoming offers through emails.


1. No two discount offers can be availed for one order.
2. Please apply the correct discount offer code at the time of checkout to avail our discount offers.
3. If we are hosting any seasonal offers then the regular offers will not be applied to any orders irrespective of the order amount.

If you have any queries regarding our discount offers or as to which offer applies to your order then please feel free to contact us at info@jewelpine.com