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Custom Order:

We believe in quantity with quality and therefore we always provide our buyers with a very wide range of products in each of our category. But as there are so many products that we can make but are unable to put it in our web catalog therefore, we offer our buyers with custom order services.

We proud ourselves in making custom orders for all our customers. You do not find any particular shape of bead, or any cut of cabochons does not go with your pattern, or want any of our beaded chains customized to suit your needs just let us know and we will make it for you. We can do it all from making your style of beaded chains in your choice of stones and metals to shaping any gemstone in any desired shape of cabochons with any type of cut. You just name it and we make it.

We have our own in house manufacturing unit and can make and/or customize any product to suit your needs. All you have to do is:

  • Fill in the given form: just fill in the required details like your name, address etc:
  • A few requisite instructions like: shape, pattern, color, size, stone and quantities and send in to us.
  • Have Pictures to show us: If you have any pictures of the required products or a link to any web catalog you saw it in then all the more better, upload the pictures or send the links and we will get back to you with the respective details regarding production costs and delivery times.

We welcome all custom orders with 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Jewelpine looks forward to giving you what you desire.

Custom Order

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